Abstraction of the landscape. From 3D environemnt to 2D illustration, to a conceptual system for designing clothing and installation objects. How far can the landscape stretch. What defines nature and decides how we perceive and interact with it?

By defining what makes up each image I deconstructed the environment depending on the visible elements: Architecture, Object/Construction, Surface (Land), Structure (Mountains), Air and water. I then used the Percentage and re-applied them to the human ratio to create abstract shapes and patterns with the intention to be developed into fashion items.

Finally I wanted to see how I could translate these 2D representations of the landscape back into 3D, keeping the new aesthetic but replicating the initial ability to interact with and move around within the landscape. From this idea I designed and made a series of ambiguous objects to be placed in the private space, which replicate my abstraction of the public space. Made from hollow steel tubing and natural yarn the pieces are light-weight and can be placed in various compositions.